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Cleaning your house while your kids are still growing is like shoveling the walk before it stops snowing -- Phyllis Diller

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Change. Moving on, moving forward.

Change in your life is fun, exciting, hectic and scary.  My family just experienced this as we moved to our new home in Colorado.  It wasn't easy to take the leap of faith, to believe that we could move our three kids to a new home, a new life.  But we did it.  Josh and I fully believe that to experience great things, you must take risks, not always follow the safe path.  This philosophy led us to having 3 children instead of two (two was so safe :), to moving our family to a gorgeous place that we are loving, and to make changes with both of our careers so we are not only financially secure but enjoy what we do.

Each person always has a choice.  Some of these choices may involve change.  Without the change, we can't experience new.

The softball player that I once was can really relate to the follow quote...

Progress always involves risks.  You can't steal second base and keep your foot on first.

- Frederick Wilcox

Monday, March 14, 2011

Perseverance. The Key to Success

Perseverance. The Key to Success

Have you ever had a moment in your life where you've felt truly successful? Maybe it's when you have a productive day or promotion at work, when your kids tell you that you are the best mom ever, or when you are able to get everyone to school on time. Success does not have to be measured by size or status, but successes in life do have one thing in common.... Perseverance.

It's very simple. If you don't give up, you succeed. Big or little, all successes in my life have only happened because I NEVER GAVE UP! Has it all been easy? No. Did everything work perfectly the first time? No! When you persevere, you will achieve your goals. The only way you fail is by giving up.

How do you persevere?
1. Have a NO MATTER WHAT attitude
2. Always see the big picture
3. Don't sweat the small stuff
4. Be an optimistic realist
5. Never give up

Success seems to be largely a matter of hanging on after others have let go. ~William Feather

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Monday, February 21, 2011

Aiden is #1 and Messy

Ok, the video is kind of long but had to show all. Aiden's 1st birthday. If you want to skip forward... minute 7- Aiden feeds Grandpa... minute 8:30- Aiden feeds Franklin (the dog).....minute 11:10- A mention of Melaleuca!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Dancing Carter

Check out my future "Dancing with the Stars" contestant, his younger brother as DJ and older brother doing what he does best, eat!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Work LIfe Balance... Does it exist?

Family vs Work - Constant competition. Can there be a balance?

My boys always compete. “I’m going to “verse you” at Battleship. I can “verse you” at getting my snow pants on. I’ll admit that it did take me a while to comprehend their constant need for competition, but as I reflected on my life for the last 7 years (since my first son was born) it did make sense. I had been “versing” everyday.

I’ve always been a career mom. Never really thought of not working in a career. Since the birth of my 3rd boy, I’ve decided to bring the competition home, and have the career and family life both, simultaneously. This decision, although the BEST I’ve ever decided, has created a new issue. Balance. The following steps have helped me balance, my family, my work, my life.

1. Family always first… in moderation.

My family always comes first. My kids know that they are more important to me than anything. I have learned though, that it is OK to not be playing with them 100% of the time. It’s ok, if I’m working on my computer here and there while they are awake. It’s good for them to play with each other. If they need me, I am there.

2. Come up with a schedule… or not.

I do have a schedule of the events for the day. I have the family events, the business appointments. It is laid out for everyone to know. However, there is an accepted “grey” area. Sometimes I need to feed the baby when I have a business appointment. What do I do? I do it together. Working from home and raising my kids has become one entity, they don’t have to be mutually exclusive.

3. Incorporate my children.

When working at home, it’s important to incorporate your kids. For one reason, they love it! They want to be included in your life, to help you reach your goals and to reap in the rewards of them. The more you incorporate them in that part of your life, the more you will all work together to reach your goals. They will not only have fun doing it, but they will learn the importance of working together, of being part of something, and of being important in the family.

These are the ways I have learned to balance a career from home and my multi-boy household. Some days the competition is still there. Work vs. Family. However, if I continue to come back to the above points, we get there together. Each day is not perfect, but I wouldn’t change it at all.

Monday, November 29, 2010

The Mom Guilt Factor

Work.. Stay at home debate.  I've been on both sides of the fence.  I've always been very focused, new exactly what I was doing, what I was going to be.. and then I had kids :)
My oldest son is 7, and when he was born, I went back to my corporate job because we didn't want to go without the money, and all my friends did the same.  I felt guilty.. each day I dropped him off.  I raced out of work and spent every minute with him until bed.
The night before my second son was born, I decided to work part time.  At my current job, I had that flexibility... So I decided to stay home in the afternoons.. work every free moment from home and go to the office only in the morning.  My guilt lessened.  I actually felt really good as my second son grew older and got to go to preschool in the morning, and I was home in the afternoon.  I also got to spend 2 years home with my older son in the afternoon..
We didn't have as much money... in comes the guilt?  Was I not able to provide my kids with all they needed?  I figured out it wasn't so much what they needed... but what they "wanted"
I guess I feel that when you are a Mom.. you have guilt.  All the time you have guilt.  You are gone too much, your kids aren't getting social interaction, you are smothering them, your not teaching them enough.. it never ends.  The best info I can give to the Work vs Home debate, is that every family is different.  I've experienced both sides and understand the guilt of both.
BTW-  Boy number 3 is here... and hopefully I will be full stay at home with him by the summer.  I'm sure this will bring on more guilt, but we can only do what we can :)